These days we can hire a cleaner to clean just about anything both indoors and outdoors. We all need our windows cleaning whether that’s at home or for our business premises and lately with the advent of wheelie bins cleaning services are offered for the latter too. Here we take a look at window and bin cleaning services in the Norwich area.

Hannants Cleaning Ltd

Hannants was established back in 1929 and is a family cleaning business that offers services both to domestic customers and commercial clients too. Hannants offers a whole range of cleaning services including commercial window cleaning, while the company prides itself on being health and safety aware plus caring for the environment following the standards set out by Firezone Glazing. Among the cleaning services offered by Hannants Cleaning are:

  • Daily contract cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pest control
  • House and garden clearance
  • Graffiti and exterior cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Hannants window cleaners offer high rise cleaning for office blocks and commercial premises. Cleaners use a mobile elevated work platform, window cleaning cradles and purified water systems with Tucker pole. Hannants Cleaning also cleans cladding, while cleaners can still work if there is no static water connection available. Those requiring a quote must contact the company whose details are listed below. Their offices open between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.


  • Hannants Cleaning Ltd
  • 306A Dereham Road
  • Norwich
  • NR2 3UX
  • Tele 07795 650 434


Dazzle offers window cleaning services in the Norwich area using state of the art equipment in order to achieve sparkling results! Dazzle clean commercial properties and domestic houses along with factories, shops and hotels. The company offer window cleaning services around Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Cantley.

Dazzle use water fed poles and offer ladderless window cleaning too. The company also offer gutter clearing and plastic window frame cleaning along with conservatory roof cleaning. Why not give Dazzle a call to obtain an estimate or quote?


  • Dazzle
  • 39 Skelton Road
  • Heartsease
  • Norwich
  • Norfolk
  • NR7 9UH
  • Tele 01603 435 261

Fine Shine

Fine Shine is a window cleaning company based in Norwich that offers window cleaning to domestic homes and businesses, while the company will also clean windows in brand new developments that have recently been completed. The company offers competitive rates both for domestic and business customers plus uses water fed poles and all the latest equipment in order to provide an excellent service.

  • Fine Shine will also clean
  • Conservatories
  • Plastic window frames and facias
  • Gutter clearing

Fine Shine has some big named customers throughout the Norwich area and the company was established in 1978 therefore has plenty of experience in the window cleaning business. If you are interested in Fine Shine Cleaning please see the contact details below.


  • Fine Shine
  • 5 Belville Crescent
  • Norwich
  • Norfolk
  • NR1 3AR
  • Tele 01603 510432

VIP Bin Cleaning Ltd

VIP Bin Cleaning Services work in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors cleaning wheelie bins and containers. Established in 1997 this Norfolk based company has grown into a worldwide company renowned in its field. The company can clean any type of bin no matter what size and will visit your home or premises in order to do so.

Domestic Cleaning

VIP will come to your home once every four weeks following the regular bin collection in order to clean out your wheelie bin. The water used is recycled, while the detergent is biodegradable meaning that VIP is caring for the environment too! Everything is licensed and insured, while your bin will be pristine clean following the VIP visit. VIP Bin Cleaning offer a range of payment options to choose from for your bin cleaning needs including online payments provided by fellow London based company Brent Bin Cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning

Exactly the same process and equipment is used for commercial cleaning.

Industrial Cleaning

Once again the exact same procedures are used when cleaning a commercial premises bin.


  • VIP Bin Cleaning Ltd
  • 4 Acorn Court
  • Silfield Road
  • Wymondham
  • Norfolk
  • NR18 9AL
  • Tele 01953 857830

Aquawash Bin Cleaning

Aquawash is local to Norwich and offers excellent bin cleaning services to domestic customers and commercial premises. Using state of the art equipment the company is approved by Anglian Water plus is fully insured.

Domestic Cleaning

The bin is cleaned outside your home every four weeks with one bin costing £4.50, while its £8.00 for two bins. A free air freshener for your bin comes in with the price.

Further information regarding commercial prices can be found by visting Aqua Wash Bin Cleaning the company.


  • Aquawash
  • Tele 07462 430 430