Seal Watching in Horsey in Norfolk and Cottages Near By

Horsey is a popular location where visitors can enjoy the delights of seal watching, especially in the winter months, due to its mostly unspoiled location and quiet sandy beaches. Those who have visited Horsey beach in the past will know that it is not your typical seaside location being crowded with sun seekers with parasols, sunbeds bucket and spades. This is not to say that during the summer months Horsey is without visitors as it has its share, while some will be lucky enough to even spot the odd seal catching rays on the beach at this time of year too. So, are there any trips we can book in order to watch the seals? Where can we stay nearby? Here we take a look.


Top Holiday Cottage Companies in Norfolk

The prospect of staying in a luxury holiday cottage in Norfolk is very appealing , while Its looking very much like by the time we reach July we will be able to book a holiday or “staycation” as the media refers to it. This is welcome news for many! Norfolk has some of the most beautiful countryside and coastal areas in the UK and offers plenty of cottage accommodation for holiday makers to choose from either in the countryside, along the stunning Norfolk Broads or by the sea. Selecting the best deal when it comes to booking your cottage break in Norfolk is made easy here as we look at the best companies offering bookings for excellent cottage holidays in the area.


Norfolk Outdoor Attractions: Get Out in the Open!


There is plenty to see and do in Norfolk in terms of outdoor attractions. What better way to spend the day than in the great outdoors? Here we take a look at some of the excellent attractions that fall under this category.


Norfolk War Attractions


If your interest is of the military kind, especially warfare, then why not pay a visit to one of Norfolk’s war museums and attractions. From aviation to ground warfare there is something to interest most enthusiasts, while all these attractions have an educational theme too.


Norfolk Theatres


A night out at the theatre is a great way to relax and spend some quality time watching live entertainment be it a drama, comedy or musical production. Here we look at theatres in Norfolk offering all these entertainment choices.


Norfolk Historical Attractions: Take a Step Back in Time


Image Showing: Sandringham House Norfolk

Norfolk is steeped in history and there are many attractions visitors will find not only interesting but very entertaining too! Take a look at the historic attractions we cover here in terms of location and what’s on offer.